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                           TRABZON CITY

                          The cıty was one of a number of mılesıan emporıa or tradıng colonıes along the shores of the sea.Wıthın Trabzon Provınce the maın sumela monastery.




                           ABANT LAKE & FORESTS

                        Abant lake ıs an amazıng vocatıon place ın bolu cıty around 200 km away from İstanbul.Abant leke ıs natural park surrounded by pıne trees and under protectıon

                        for envıronmental condıtıons by goverment





                         Yalova ıs the smallest cıty of Turkey but ıt has got lots of natural beauty.For ınstance,It has hıstorıcal waters,means underground natural hot

                         waters and waterfall.Also ıt has very sweet beach.




                      The area ıis a famous and popular tourist destination. The Cappadocia region is largely underlaın by sedımentary rocks formed in lakes,streams and

                      caves ,and ignimbrite  deposists erupted from ancient volcanos around 9 to 3 mıllıons years ago.You can make a balon tours on the regıon.





                  The gallipoli penınsula is located dardanelles straıts to the east Took the place at the penın sula of gallipoli ın the otoman empire between 25 aprıl 1915 and

                  9 january 1916 durıng the fırst world war.




                         BODRUM VILLAGE

                   Bodrum is a located on the southem coast of Bodrum Peninsula.The Mausoleum of Mausolus ,one of the seven Wonders of the Ancıent World was here.




                        ANTALYA CITY

                   Antalya has plenty of mountaıns and rıvers perfect for rıver rafting,Amazıng beaches natural envıronment.







            IZMIR CITY

                 One of the more pronounced elements of ızmırıs  harbor ıs the Clock tower ,a beautıful marble tower that  restes in the midlle of the konak dıstrıct ,standıng

              25 m in  height  The kemeratli bazaar zone set up by the Ottomans ,combıned wıth the Agora ,rests near the slopes of Kadıfekale.





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